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Creating Confident Kids!

When it comes to creating confident performers, there is no magic formula. The key is to create a confident child and we do this by getting to know each and every child as an individual.

At Prop Box we pride ourselves on creating a small, inclusive group that fosters a mentoring culture.  By getting to know each child’s personality, fears, anxieties and triggers, we can help to lay the foundations for helping them to overcome these barriers. Our aim is to work with each child, gently encouraging and nudging ever so slightly out of their comfort zone to give them a sense of pride, self worth and achievement during each class.

We firmly believe that every child has the ability and deserves the chance to be included in our friendly group. No matter whether that’s centre stage, as part of the ensemble, or by helping backstage, making props and scenery, by giving every member a sense of belonging to a community, we all work together to put on some magical performances and every child is celebrated for their achievements on and off stage!

We have produced a FREE guide to Creating Confident Children which outlines all the things to think about when choosing a drama group for your child. Naturally, we hope after downloading the guide that you will choose us! However, if you still need to be convinced, why not take advantage of the voucher enclosed in the guide and take us up on a FREE trial session!

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Friday Drama group
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