Prop Box Musical Theatre
AGES 8-16  years
FRIDAYS 6:00-9:00pm

A three hour drama musical theatre class aimed at young people from age 8 upwards with a keen interest in Musical Theatre, offering tuition in all three disciplines – acting, singing, dancing. Our aim is to improve theatre skills, as well as boost self esteem and confidence working as part of an ensemble to produce a professional standard theatre show! We are particularly interested in welcoming more boys into the group, so that we can encourage more boys who may be anxious about taking those first steps!

Class fees are £200 per term*

*installment option available

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FRIDAYS 5:00-6:00pm

A one hour drama class for budding performers aimed at improving children’s physical and mental skills. We use a range of fun games, activities, arts and crafts to encourage expression. We are particularly skilled at and specialise in working with shy and anxious children and a warm welcome awaits your child at every themed week which is packed full of fun!! We also offer a mini performance opportunity twice a year for those who wish to take part and take their first steps on stage!

Class fees are £75 per term*

*installment option available

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Film Academy Class
Film Class
AGES 8-16  years
WEDNESDAYS 6:30-8:00pm

This will be taught by our award winning tutor Isaac, and will cover all aspects of film making from acting technique, camera work, script writing, editing and special FX!

Class fees are £60 per half term*

FREE taster class available 

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